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Welcome to Vintage Floral Imports

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Since 1983, we have designed and developed our “vintage” collections of home décor and permanent floral for the Home Furnishings & Gift Industry. As a direct importer, Vintage Floral Imports sells exclusively to wholesalers and retailers both domestically and internationally.

We sincerely thank our customers who have been so supportive throughout the years and we look forward to receiving new business inquiries as well. A copy of retail sales certificate and proof of established business is required before access is granted to our online catalog or receiving a printed copy.

About Our Company

From modest beginnings in 1983, Vintage Floral Imports has become a leading supplier of home decor to the home furnishings, holiday, floral & gift trade.

Our goal is to offer our customers an eclectic and diverse blend of floral accents and home décor to enhance not only the holiday season, but a year round lifestyle of elegance and charm. We believe combining this nostalgic approach along with the very latest trends is in keeping with the Vintage concept…timeless designs for every season.
Vintage has long been nationally recognized for offering exceptional value to our customers. Our long term, close working relationships with factories and a unique business model for transportation management and order processing allows us to maintain very competitive price controls.


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